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John Polk
09-30-1998, 06:31 AM
Thanks to all of you who replied to my message requesting information
about distinguishing different trials during motion analysis. The
different suggestions all fell into the following categories.

1. Have one camera drive the others.
2. Display a synchronized digital clock or series of LEDs in the field of
view of each camera
3. Write a time code/frame count onto each tape
4. Generate a periodic synchronizing pulse electronically or by a strobe

These are all good suggestions. In the Peak System that we are
using, the cameras are already synchronized, and we do generate an
electronic pulse during each stride. Thus each camera view of each stride
can be synchronized with the other camera views.

What we need to do is to distinguish one strobe/synchronization pulse from
the others. For this the digital display and time code generators seem
like good ideas.

My next question is this:

For those of you who use digital time displays, and frame counters,
where did you get them?

I've been looking around and have found only very expensive large display
counters (and many displays that are too small for us to use) We are
looking for inexpensive new or used equipment. All suggestions are

Thanks in advance,

John Polk

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