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Partap Singh Khalsa
10-01-1998, 12:38 AM
The Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering at S.U.N.Y. - Stony Brook is
recruiting candidates for 5 fully supported (tuition and stipend) graduate
positions at the Masters or Doctoral level starting Fall 1999. Applications
are being accepted until Jan. 15, 1999 and decisions will be made in March
1999. Students in the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering at Stony
Brook are mentored by an award winning faculty composed of engineers,
scientists, and physicians. In addition to learning an integrated, core
curriculum designed specifically for biomedical engineers, students gain
hands on research experience by rotating through state of the art
laboratories. Principal investigations are conducted in the following areas:
1) bone formation, remodeling, and fracture healing, 2) cellular and tissue
responses to electrical fields and mechanical loads, 3) effects of fluid
flow on heart valve replacements, 4) response of tissues to surface modified
implants, 5) haptics and sensory encoding of mechanical states in soft
tissues, 6) tissue engineered replacements, and 7) diagnostic imaging
including investigations in sensor instrumentation, data acquisition
strategies, image formation, processing and analysis. Collaborations are
enthusiastically maintained between Brookhaven National Laboratories, Cold
Spring Harbor, the Center for Biotechnology, as well as many other
departments at SUNY - Stony Brook. Our graduates are prepared for a lifelong
exploration within their career, whether it be in industry, academia, or

Information about the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering may be
found online at: http://clio.rad.sunysb.edu/bme/

Interested students in the program should contact:

Anne Marie Dusatko - Administrative Secretary
Program in Biomedical Engineering
State University of New York
HSC T18-030
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8181
Tel: (516) 444-2302
Fax: (516) 444-7671
E-mail: anne@bone.ortho.sunysb.edu

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