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Antaki, James
10-01-1998, 10:53 AM
Heir Gieshaber,

Have you considered a birefringent fluid analog? In case you are not aware,
these fluids will produce varying diffraction patterns based on hydrostatic

James F. Antaki
Director, Artificial Heart Research
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University of Pittsburgh
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From: Frieder A. Grieshaber [mailto:fg@BMT.UNI-STUTTGART.DE]
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 1998 5:28 AM
Subject: pressure sensitive bubbles needed


we need an indicator for pressure in water, which should contain something
like small bubbles in the state of suspension in water. The size of these
bubbles should be smaller than 0.01 mm. The pressure we expect is of order
of 10000 Pa.

Usually you use a hydrophone but this is not possible in this case.

Thanks for all ideas.

Frieder Grieshaber

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University of Stuttgart
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