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John Des Jardins
10-05-1998, 10:31 PM
A research fellow position is immediately available with University
College London's Centre for Biomedical Research in Stanmore, England.

Project: You will be working with a research group on a specialised
computer model and
test rig design, for the functional evaluation of artificial knee joints.
The position will be suitable for a post-doctorial individual (or person
with equivalent experience) with an interest and background in
joint biomechanics. Experience in either computer modelling or
experimentation is required.

Location: Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Royal National Orthopaedic
Hospital, Stanmore, England. 12 miles north of Central London, accessible
via the Underground Line.

Academic Setting: The Department of Mechanical Engineering and University
College Hospital Medical School, University College London.

Qualifications: Applicants with experience in Computer Modelling or
Pro/Mechanica software are a plus. Experimental work will envolve LabView
programming and special
software for data processing of kinematic parameters must be developed.
Some preliminary work experience with gait analysis equipment is a plus.
A strong experimental background centered around joint analysis,
experimental design, and test rig fabrication is also a plus.

Salary: An attractive salary package will be offered for the right

Duration: 6-9 months initially but longer term employment is a

Enquiries to:
Professor Peter S. Walker Ph.D.
Centre for Biomedical Engineering
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust
Brockley Hill
Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LP
Phone: (+44 0) 181 954-0956
Fax: (+44 0) 181 420-6497
E-mail: 101360.2721@compuserve.com

Immediate responses by email initially preferred.

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*** University College London Medical School
*** Centre For Biomedical Engineering
*** Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust
*** Brockley Hill
*** Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 4LP
*** Ph: (w) (+44) 181 954 7975, (h) (+44) 171 419 7920
*** Fax: (+44) 181 420 7392
*** Email: jdd@eagle.gsh.jhu.edu or
*** gy02@dial.pipex.com
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