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Mel Siff
10-06-1998, 07:59 AM
In a message dated 10/6/98 , tbauer@GALE.LAKEHEADU.CA wrote:

> I am in the process of developing an Ergonomics program
>and we are interested in linking with potential sources, list
>servers,web pages etc which deal with regular Ergonomic issues
>and related research. I am also interested in potential
>qualifacations, certifacation courses and the like to refer students
>and staff. I would appreciate any direction people may offer and I
>will be happy to circulate the sources.

**With respect to printed material, an excellent resource is the textbook:
Chaffin & Andersson: "Occupational Biomechanics", which is due to come out
early next year in its 3rd edition.

Dr Chaffin (University of Michigan at AnnArbor) is also a most useful
authority in that field.

Dr Mel C Siff
Littleton, Colorado, USA

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