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10-06-1998, 10:48 AM
ok, here is a historical question.

When was the "Bend the knees not the back" advice for lifting first

The earliest references I've found so far (in Whitney, R.J. 1958,
Ergonomics 1,101-128) are to Anderson, T. M. (1951) Human kinetics and
analysing body movements. London: Heinemann.; and Ministry of Labour and
National Service (1944) Weight Lifting by Industrial Workers. Safety
Pamphlet No 16 London: His Majesty's Stationary Office.

The book by Anderson is fascinating, and contains lots of drawings from
cine film (those were the days), but no references. I've not been able to
locate the Safety Pamphlet. Whitney also references some 1954 issues of BMJ
which I'm waiting for.

Anyone know of any other references of that era?


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