View Full Version : response summary: Looking for portable EMGamplifier/processor/recorder package

Jess Snedeker
10-08-1998, 08:01 AM
Thanks to everyone who responded. There appear to be many companies
that are willing to work with specific aplications. According to
feedback I've received, here are the two most recommended commercially
available portable long-term EMG data collection systems:

Commercially Available Portable EMG data collection systems

Mega Electronics Ltd.

Model: ME3000P/6
Channels: 8
EMG Data Type: Raw/Averaged
Sampling Rate: 250/1000/2000 Hz continuous
Sampling period: 0.1/1.0/10 in averaged mode
Battery Life: 30h
A/D Conversion: 12 Bit
Resolution: 2 uV
Filtering: 15-500 Hz
Memory Capacity: 16 Mb (30 minutes @1000Hz 8 ch,
50 Hours at filtered 10Hz 8 ch)
Dims: 170 mm x 78mm x 31mm
Weight: 530g w/ batteries

For a sample rate of 500 Hz and data collection for 8 - 10 hours for 8
channel EMG in ASCII format. Data storage would require about 1GB

Delsys Inc.

The Bagnoli-2 Portable EMG System consists of a two-channel EMG signal
amplifier and two DE-series surface EMG differential electrodes. Each
channel has three fixed gains, each of which can be calibrated for
precision measurements.
The unit is small, light-weight, portable, and battery-operated. The
dimensions of the unit are 10 cm long, 6.5 cm wide and 4 cm high. It
weighs 230 g. The output signal level may be fed to analog or A/D
devices. The bandwidth is fixed at 20 - 450 Hz.

Channels: 2 analog EMG
Power Requirement: 9 V @ 25 mA (alkaline recommended)
Operating Time: 24 hours (estimated)
Low Battery Threshold: 7.8 V (LED turns off)
Isolation: 3750 V (rms) @ 60Hz for 60 seconds
System Gain: 100, 1000, 10000, switch selectable
Output Voltage Range: 5V
Overall Frequency Response: 205 Hz to 45050 Hz,
12 dB/oct slope
CMRR 92 dB @ 60 Hz (typical)
84 dB @ 60 Hz (minimum)
Noise RTI: