View Full Version : Drift in Strain Gauges on bone

Robert Day
10-08-1998, 07:23 PM
We have been doing some experiments with stacked 45 degree
rosette strain gauges glued to fresh sheep tibiae, and we are
finding that the gauges are drifting a lot more than we expected.

Even with a coating of epoxy onto the bone before we glue the
gauges on, there is significant drift. We are using Kyowa thin film
strain gauges with araldite expoy and cyanoacrylate adhesives to
glue the rosettes on.

What sort of techniques are other researchers using to glue strain
gauges onto fresh bones these days, and what sort of drift rates
are they seeing ?

As usual, all replies (if any :-) will be summarized back to the list.

Thanks in Advance,

Robert Day rob.day@nero.rph.health.wa.gov.au
Project Bioengineer ph +61 8 9224 3227
Royal Perth Hospital fax +61 8 9224 1138

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