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10-11-1998, 06:17 AM
Dear fellow Bioengineers/Biomechanicians,

we were grieved to hear of Prof. Kenedi's death. For all of us here at
the Biomechanical Unit at the Politecnico di Torino, his work was an
inspiration and a starting-point, while he himself provided us with a model
to be emulated in the extremely concrete, problem solving approach he took
to his research.

When the first of the signers below began research in Biomechanics in
Torino during the early '70s, he and two of his coworkers had the good
fortune to spend a period in Glasgow, and in subsequent years had many
occasions to meet with Prof. Kenedi in both Glasgow and Torino.

Prof. Kenedy laid the foundations for biomechanical research in Europe,
training a sizable group of researchers in this discipline. We are
convinced that his contribution has been decisive for the development of
Biomechanics in Europe.

We will all remember Prof. Kenedi with the deepest respect and admiration.

Pasquale Mario Calderale

Cristina Bignardi

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