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06-16-1992, 07:28 AM
Article 4056 in Usenet's sci.virtual-worlds (moderated):
From: minerva!diego@beaver.cs.washington.edu (Diego Montefusco)
Subject: APPS: Medical applications of VR in Italy
Date: 15 Jun 92 20:57:24 GMT
Sender: news@u.washington.edu (USENET News System)
Organization: University of Washington

A couple of days ago, here in Milan has been held a medical conference,
"Muscles and Brain".

Doctor Tesio of San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, held an interesting
lecture on using VR as an aid in rehabilitation of people who lost
some of their proprioceptive sensorial inputs.

The idea is to make those people exploit that part of the proprioceptive
system that still works, forcing them not to trust the visual cues (as
they usually do), by immersing them into a reality that DOES NOT behave
like the physical one. For example, they have shown a navigation into a
room where the rotation movements of the HMD resulted in a REVERSE move-
ment: turning your head right caused the software (Sense8 WTK) to show
the frames as you would have turned left.

The sensorial conflict is an old idea in curing those atassic (is this
word right? My dictionary didn't have the italian "atassico", so...)
people, and docs here DO believe that VR can be a great improvement.

Diego Montefusco

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