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Marja Haartsen
10-12-1998, 12:14 AM
Hello everybody,

I am a student in movement analyses at the Norwegian University of Sport
and Physical Education. For my research of the role of the foot
(espesially mcp-joint) in a sideways push-off, such as in speed skating,
I need some information. I'm wondering if someone can give me some
information about:


* Resent studies with video or other camera-systems and/or
force-registration of the sideways push-off, such as in speed skating on
clapskates (eventual skating movement in cross-country skiing).

* Research of rollerskating on a treadmill in a laboratory.

* Movement analyses of gliding on a 'skateboard'. With skateboard is
meant here a horizontal board with upstanding bars, on which skating is
simulated by gliding with woolen socks over the smooth surface.

* The possible excisting of a skating shoe with a flexible sole so that
dorsal/plantar flexion of the toes is allowed.

Thank you in advance,

Marja Haartsen

e-mail: marja.haartsen@maclab.idrettshs.no

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