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Jay M. Trennoche
10-13-1998, 04:19 AM
Subject: Hexagonal configurations.

I have a question that my background does not let me easily answer.

If a group of hexagons was distorted by an extrinsic force...and you wanted
to measure the displacement as you would one circle upon another if they
were to dsplace...what form of measurement would you use?

The degrees of a protractor or the millimeters in linear measurement.

I have an observation in human biomechanics that where formerly certain
upper cervical anatomy was for many decades considered likened to circles
for the purpose for displacement measurement...now may have a greater
relevance to the pattern of hexagons as can be elliptically observed from
certain uncommon x-rays views.

My first exploration of this entity is to know what type of measurement is

Degrees, or millimeters...or are there more ways to look at this to discuss
"asymmetrical apposition"?

I apologize if some of my words may be inappropriate...But I'm reaching.


Trennoche...on the biomechanics list or at nvb@hawaiian.net
www.kauai-blue-lagoon.com future seminar location.

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