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#low Foon Hou#
10-16-1998, 01:23 PM
Dear all,

I am a master student doing research on the design of the knee implant. I am
trying to use the Dynamic Analysis and Design System (DADS) to perform a
kinematic study on the knee joint. I have already modelled the femoral and
tibial implant using ProEngineer, but i am now facing a problem in
converting the ProEng model to the required input file format for DADS ver

For those who are familar with DADS, i have tried using the "iges2mod"
command. But was unsuccessful as the error was unrecognised iges file. Can
anyone point how it should be done?

Also another solution is that DADS is able to import .slp files which claims
to be a sterolithography file format. However, i have checked ProEng and
SolidWorks and none of these CAD/CAM program is able to generate .slp file
type. I only knew that sterolithograpic files have extension .stl and .slc.
Does anyone know which program can generate .slp files?

Thanks in Advance!

Low Foon Hou
Graduate Student
Biomedical Engineering Research Center
Nanyang Technoligical University

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