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Mohsen Makhsous
10-20-1998, 05:16 PM

We are two students working on a project at Chalmers University of
Technology in Sweden, under the supervision of Dr. Christian Högfors. As a
part of this project we need to find the orientation of the gliding surfaces
of the acromioclavicular joint and normal to the surfaces at the point of
contact between them. We also need to obtain the co-ordinates of the
insertion points of the trapezoid and the conoid ligaments.

This information is probably not available directly and in that case we need
to obtain geometrical data from, for instance, some 3D scan. Then we would
also need advises of how to use the data i.e. how to create the surfaces
from the
data. Which formats, which programs and what commands can be used?

If you have any idea of how to obtain this information please send us a note!
I will post a summary of responses.

Best regards
K. Backman & M. Svensson
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Mohsen Makhsous
Biomechanics, Dpt. Pol. Mat.
Chalmers University of Technology
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