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Tricia Murray
10-22-1998, 07:46 AM
Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation
Upper Extremity Research

Start Date: January 1999

- Masters degree in biomechanics
- Knowledge of motion measurement systems, 3D analyses, EMG, and force
tranducers helpful
- Good interpersonal, writing and speaking skills
- Strong organizational skills and methodical work habits
- Attention to detail

Primary Duties:
- Assist the Upper Extremity Research group in collection, reduction and
analysis of data
- Program 3D kinetic analyses
- Aid in the preparations for publication and/or presentation

Research Topics:
- Relationship of kinematics and kinetics in softball and baseball
pitching, football passing and the golf swing
- In situ loading of shoulder during various activities

The Upper Extremity team focuses on reducing injury and improving
rehabilitation techniques.
The Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation is a not for profit
organization in its tenth
year of operation. It is located in Vail, Colorado in the heart of the
Rocky Mountains; approximately
100 miles west of Denver.

Qualified candidates should submit a resume by December 5, 1998 to:

Sherry Werner, Ph.D.
Director, Upper Extremity Research
Steadman- Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation
181 West Meadow Drive
Suite 1000
Vail, CO 81657


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