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Michael S Sacks
10-23-1998, 01:18 AM

The Tissue Mechanics Laboratory (TML), Department of Bioengineering,
University of Pittsburgh has an opening for a Biomechanical Engineer in
the area of soft tissue mechanics. The research will involve the
following areas:

1. Continuing our ongoing research program in bioprosthetic heart valve
tissue and device-level mechanics.
2. Biomechanical analysis of aneurysmal vascular tissues.
3. Tissue mechanics of engineered tissues.
Our focus is the integration of rigorous experimental tissue
biomechanics with quantitative morphological measurements toward
establishing mechanisms behind structure-strength relations in
cardiovascular soft tissues. The above projects will utilize existing
and novel multi-axial mechanical and imaging testing techniques. For
example, the TML has pioneered the use of small angle light scattering
(SALS) in tissue structural analysis and its use in structural
constitutive models. In addition to continuing our use of SALS, there
is also extensive tissue imaging facilities available at the U.
Pittsburgh Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

A M.S. (preferred) or B.S. with significant lab experience in
Biomedical, Mechanical, or related discipline is required. Experience
in mechanical testing of biomaterials, PC-based instrumentation
development, C/C++ programming skills are all highly desirable.

To apply or for more information, contact:

Michael S. Sacks, Ph.D.
Department of Bioengineering
Room 749 Benedum Hall, 3700 Ohara St.
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Tel. 412-624-8985
Fax 412-383-8788
EMAIL: msacks@engrng.pitt.edu

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