Mel Siff
10-24-1998, 06:31 AM
This article was sent to me recently. Does anyone have a scanned copy of the
article which could be sent out via email? It would be interesting to read it.
If anyone else has read the full article, any views? Any comments by other
therapists or researchers on the last sentence, especially the entire
philosophy of mechanical manipulation of the spine to relieve alleged
subluxations or other stresses accumulated by the misdemeanours of daily life?

Have any models or studies been devised which adequately explain the allegedly
beneficial effects of regular spinal manipulation. Theories are bandied about
which attribute the 'popping' sound sometimes elicited during manipulation to
the release of nirogen bubbles in the joints, others talk about sudden release
of accumulated tension in soft tissues, yet others refer to the reduction of
subluxations, but few seem to establish a causal link between specific
ailments and subtle mechanical stresses and pressures.

The article follows below:

Dr Mel C Siff
Littleton, Colorado, USA


Magazine Readers Warned About Chiropractors

The January issue of Smart Money informed readers of "Ten Things Your
Chiropractor Won't Tell You." Writer John Protos explores the "nutty theories"
of many chiropractors, the absurdity and expense of repeated (if not
indefinite) visits for "adjustments," the availability of physical medicine
from other professionals, the risks of chiropractic manipulation (particularly
of forceful maneuvers of the cervical spine), the spotty insurance coverage of
chiropractic, and the profit-driven efforts of many chiropractors to draw in
children (the manipulation is whom can be dangerous), sell vitamins, and take

Finally, he notes that scientific studies have repeatedly found that, no
matter what is done about low back pain, most people will get better on their
own with over-the-counter analgesics and the use of heat and cold

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