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Tim Foutz
10-26-1998, 12:21 AM
Do you have any ideas for a biomedical engineering project that would have the difficulty
level for a team of 8-10 undergraduates? The reason for this question is given below.

The above request is not for research information but help in deciding what to do for a
Capstone Design Course. Thank you for taking the time in considering this and for helping
with my current dilemma. It is related to Biomedical Engineering Instruction.

The University of Georgia has a single engineering department and offers two ABET
accredited degrees; one in "general" engineering, the other in Biological Engineering. This
arrangement means that the faculty must teach all engineering courses since we do not have
an engineering college where several departments share the load. Within the two curricula
given above, we have concentrations in six distinct areas; structural, mechanical, electrical,
processing, environmental and biomedical.

I am in charge of the Capstone Senior Design Projects. In the last nine years, I allow
students to work on projects that are in their emphasis area. Typically, a design team consists
of 2-4 students. Last year, our enrollment doubled and thus my design class increased to 32
students, four (4) were biomedical engineering undergraduates. These four students work on
redesigning an artificial canine knee for the veterinary school.

This year, our enrollment has increased again and beginning January, my course enrollment
will be 62 students; a 313% increase since I started as the instructor. Fifteen (15) of these
new students are in the biomedical engineering concentration. Due to my time and no
increase in instructional resources (no other instructors), I can only allow the students to work
in teams, 8-10 students per team. Therefore, I must find a biomedical engineering project
large enough for a huge team.

I have had a "lonely" search in my own mind over this topic and have concluded that all of
my ideas stink.

Thanks for your help in this matter.
Tim Foutz,Ph.D.,PE
Associate Professor
Dept. of Biological and Agr. Engineering
Driftmier Engineering Center
The University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602

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