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Wilson, Daniel J.
10-26-1998, 07:21 AM
Dear Biomechers,

I am currently studying the coupled motion of the lumbar spine and pelvis
(lumbo-pelvic rhythm) during a pre-post operative timeframe in patients with
spinal stenosis to determine if a coupled-motion approach (sagittal and
transverse planes) would be more effective than the often reported sagittal
plane investigations I have read. I am aware of Dr. William Marras' approach
using electro-potentiomety, however, I am more interested in a 3-D kinematic
approach with local coordinate systems for the lumbar spine, pelvis, and

Is anyoneaware of any good targeting schemes for such an approach? Are the
equations generally available? Am I re-inventing the wheel?

Also, is anyone aware of an anatomically-detailed model of the lumbar spine
having been developed using the program Working Model 3-D?

Thanks all,

Daniel J. Wilson, Ph.D.

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