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Brodie, David
10-26-1998, 08:33 AM
Dear list members,

I have changed the subject line for this discussion because any chiropractor
I have visited cringes at the use of the word "manipulation" (not quite as
much as "cracking" or "popping" though). I believe it may have to do with
the possible negative connotations of the word manipulation, whereas
adjustment is a word that implies a precise movement and has no other
negative meaning.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about the science of
chiropractic care, the University of Waterloo and the Canadian Memorial
Chiropractic College are involved in a co-operative project. They have a
website at: http://www.ahs.uwaterloo.ca/~cahr/crc/home.html which may
provide you with contacts to obtain further info. The research was just
beginning when I left in 1996, so some objective information may now be

As with all medical areas, chiropractic has its use. I have personally
benefited from chiropractic as it helped me recover from a car accident and
a few years of studying in numerous awkward postures in University.

The key to the effective use of the alternative medicines is to not think of
them as alternative. If you have this problem you see a doctor, this
problem a physiotherapist, massage therapist, etc. All of these methods are
your choices for finding a way to be well. I think each practioner should
be aware of the strengths and limitations of their methods, and be prepared
to suggest a different course of treatment if one of the other disciplines
may be beneficial.

The fact is, people are continually working on the science. In the mean
time, many people are getting well. The question is not does it work, but
how does it work. This knowledge will improve treatment, increase our
understanding of the human body, and reduce the fear over the use of these

These are just a few of my opinions.

Have a good day.

> David M. Brodie, M.Sc.
> Ergonomist, OSH Engineering Unit
> Workplace Safety and Health Branch
> Manitoba Labour
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