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Michael Jordan
10-28-1998, 09:40 AM
FOR SALE: A two link planar manipulandum with servocontrolled DC
motors, digital amps, and very high precision optical position
encoders. Developed for research on human motor control at MIT.

Manipulandum: a two link, low friction, aluminum manipulandum.
1st (upper arm) link 46cm, 2nd (forearm) link 34cm, mounted on a
free-standing base, 90cm from ground to handle. The handle is
designed to fit GAMMA Multi-Axis force/torque transducers.

Amps/Motors: Two Kollmorgen FAST Drive 170/25E1 fully digital PWM
servoamplifiers, 25amp continuous RMS, with RS232 ports for digital
communication, controlling two PMI JR24 M4CH DC motors rated at 10.2NM

Optical Encoders: Each motor is equipped with a Teledyne Gurley 25/04S
absolute position encoder with up to 17-bit resolution and accuracy,
at speeds up to 600rpm. Parallel, TTL-compatible output.

Contact: Prof. Michael I. Jordan, jordan@cs.berkeley.edu.

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