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David P. Dillard
11-01-1998, 12:35 PM
Below your original message you will find the citations to a few
articles that have discussion of biomechanical stimulation in one context
or another. I hope that these citations are useful to you

David Dillard
Temple University
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Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 10:27:39 +1200
From: Doug McClymont
Subject: BS
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Hello Everybody,

I have this wondrous promotional presentation on my desk for
something called Biomechanical Stimulation (a new method of muscle
vibrating massage), being touted by a company who claim that this is
a training method/technology developed by Russian scientists in the

The promotion makes lots of claims for the efficacy of the system and
include a copy of an article published in in the "NZ
Coach" There areclaims of work done at the University of
Latvia/Moscow/St.Petersburg etc but no references to scientific

If there are any members who have any experience with this massage
technique, or point me toward further reading, I'd appreciate the

Doug McClymont
(Athletics NZ/Sport Science Co-ordinator)
P.O.Box 31-056 Christchurch
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AU - Junger M
AU - Steins A
AU - Zuder D
AU - Klyscz T
TI - [Physical therapy of venous diseases]. [Review] [18 refs] [German]
OT - Physikalische Therapie bei Venenerkrankungen.
SO - Vasa 1998 May;27(2):73-9

AU - Klyscz T
AU - Ritter-Schempp C
AU - Junger M
AU - Rassner G
TI - [Biomechanical stimulation therapy as physical treatment of
arthrogenic venous insufficiency]. [German]
OT - Biomechanische Stimulationstherapie (BMS) zur physikalischen
Behandlung des arthrogenen Stauungssyndroms.
SO - Hautarzt 1997 May;48(5):318-22

AU - Lemay MA
AU - Crago PE
AU - Keith MW
TI - Restoration of pronosupination control by FNS in
tetraplegia--experimental and biomechanical evaluation of
SO - Journal of Biomechanics 1996 Apr;29(4):435-42

AU - Feketa VP
TI - [Hypotensive effect of biomechanical stimulation of leg muscles in
man]. [Russian]
OT - Gipotenzivnyi effekt biomekhanicheskoi stimuliatsii myshts niznikh
konechnostei cheloveka.
SO - Fiziologiia Cheloveka 1993 May-Jun;19(3):170-3

AU - Feketa VP
TI - [Application of biomechanical stimulation of lower extremity muscles
in the treatment of patients with hypertension]. [Russian]
OT - Ispolzovanie biomekhanicheskoi stimuliatsii myshts nizhnikh
konechnostei v lechenii bolnykh gipertonicheskoi bolezniu.
SO - Kardiologiia 1992;32(11-12):23-5

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