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Amy Lerner
11-02-1998, 01:24 AM
The Biomedical Engineering Program and Department of Mechanical Engineering
at the University of Rochester seek candidates to fill several fully funded
slots in our graduate program leading to the doctoral degree and starting
in the fall, 1999. Support for each position includes tuition, stipend and
health insurance. Completed applications are being accepted until Feb. 1,
1999 and decisions will be made by April 1999. Exceptional students may be
selected for fellowships with higher stipends.

The Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
at the University of Rochester includes more than 40 affiliated faculty
offering advanced training in cell and tissue engineering, medical imaging
and medical optics. Training consists of formal coursework in both
biological and engineering sciences, opportunities to engage in hands on
research experience during laboratory rotations and in a first year
graduate laboratory course. Specific research areas of the faculty include:
biomechanics of bone growth and soft tissue, cellular mechanics,
microcirculatory rheology, extracellular matricx interactions and influence
on tissue growth, mechanisms of visual perception, photodynamic therapy,
technology assisted surgery, medical image processing, and 3D4D
medical imaging, including MRI, ultrasound and other advanced modalities in
medical imaging. For more information about the Graduate Program in
Biomedical Engineering and application procedures see our website at

Or contact:
Mary Wallman
Education Coordinator,
Biomedical Engineering Program
Box 270168
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0168

(716) 275-3891

Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering
may also apply to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Research areas
in biomechanics include: medical image based computational modeling of
orthopaedic and cardiac tissues and structures, modeling of growth,
experimental investigations of the influence of mechanical factors on bone
development, sonoelastic imaging, wave propogation in lithotripsy, and
oxygen transport. Opportunites for coursework in biomedical sciences,
material science and engineering sciences exist in the School of
Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of Medicine and Dentistry.
For more information about graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and
application procedures, see our website at

or contact:
Donna Derks
Graduate Advisor
Mechanical Engineering
Box 270132
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0132

(716) 275-2849 fax: (716)256-2509

Amy L. Lerner
Asst. Professor
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
215 Hopeman Building
University of Rochester
Box Number 270132
Rochester, NY 14627-0132

Phone: 716-275-7847
Fax: 716-256-2509
e-mail: amlerner@me.rochester.edu

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