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Eric Rumsey
11-04-1998, 03:09 AM
Standing out in the recently done update of the Hardin MD Orthopedics and
Bone Diseases page (see below) are exhaustive pages from Medmark and
Karolinska Institute, and a new site, the Bone Information Center, from
SciWeb, which features links to books, Medline searches, news sources,
patent information, and NIH information, as well as links to other sites.

********* HARDIN MD Clean Bill of Health Sites [UPDATED] *******
************** Orthopedics and Bone Diseases **************
****** http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/hardin/md/ortho.html *******

-MedMark - Orthopedics, Ildo Shin, MedMark Team, Korea
-MIC-KIBIC MeSH Index - Musculoskeletal Diseases, Karolinska Institute
- [NEW] Bone Information Center, SciWeb, Inc.
-Orthogate's Orthopedic Web Links
-NOAH: Foot and Ankle, Luiza B. Balthazar, NY Online Access to Health
- [NEW] Yale Univ Medical Library - Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
- [NEW] Healthfinder - Musculoskeletal Diseases | Bone Diseases, US Government
-North MHC Library (Minnesota) - Orthopedics

For more details on the Clean Bill of Health award, and measurement of
connection rate, see -

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