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Trudi Rash
11-04-1998, 06:31 AM
I wanted to apologize for the GCMAS web page being down for several
weeks & say thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know. Also,
thanks to everyone who responded to my request for Society/Association
meeting information. The biggest input was the request to add the
full name and not just the acronym. The Web page is back on line and
includes the updated Society/Association meeting information, the "hot
off the press" Fall issue of the Society newsletter which is in the
mail to members, and several other items. Please do not hesitate to
contact me if you have Society/Association meeting corrections or
information that would be of interest to our members. You need Adobe
Acrobat 2.1 or newer to view some of the material on the Web page &
you can down load this FREE at http://www.adobe.com if you do not have
it. Otherwise, the web address is:

Thanks again for all your input...

Gregory S. Rash, EdD
Director of Research
Director, Gait & Biomechanics Lab
Frazier Rehab Center
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 582-7657 (V)
(502) 582-7617 (F)
gsrash01@pol.net (Checked infrequently)
gsrash01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu (Checked daily)

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