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Ton Van Den Bogert
11-05-1998, 04:58 AM
Dear subscribers,

Here's the explanation of what happened, and a request for information
about problems you may have had.

On Tuesday, a defective mailer in Denmark started redistributing
old messages to Biomch-L. I stopped all mail distribition a few minutes
later, but more than 20 messages were distributed already. The LISTSERV
administrator at NIC.SURFNET.NL happened to be at a funeral yesterday
so it was not until today that the queue could be cleaned up and Biomch-L

My apologies for this malfunction. LISTSERV has some built-in protections.
It will not distribute the same message twice, but its memory of past
messages is only two weeks. The risk of having a viciously defective
mail system among our subscribers is small, but not neglegible for a
list of this size (3700 subscribers).

If some of you have experienced problems accessing your E-mail after this,
please report this to me. In our department, the system administrator had
to go in and manually remove an incorrectly formatted Biomch-L message
before we could access our mail again. This is a serious problem, and I
would like to know if it happened elsewhere. Please include details, or ask
your system administrator to provide those. Then the LISTSERV people can
try to make LISTSERV more reliable.

Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator


A.J. (Ton) van den Bogert, PhD
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
9500 Euclid Avenue (Wb-3)
Cleveland, OH 44195, USA
Phone/Fax: (216) 444-5566/9198

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