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unknown user
11-05-1998, 06:57 AM
Dear Jeff and other staff at the USOC and intersted parties:

In my posting of sept 25, I did not mean to insult the USOC or the value of
working for the organization,,,But for two years,I received materials
regarding the one year appointment with the Biomechanics Lab, and It was
specified for 16.5K with no benefits or housing....I will see if I can find
the materials ( I just moved, so i may have lost it).

I fully support the USOC and understand the constraints in budget, and if
someone is in Sports Biomechanics as me, the value of working for the lab is
great. But with school loans, and other living expenses, most of us probably
can not afford the opportunity to gain such great experience.

Your Truly
Jack Sujovolsky

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