View Full Version : Re: Collecting EMG signals from a human subject within an MRI

Bob Woolery, Dc
11-05-1998, 07:36 AM
There are both magnetic and radio frequency fields in an MRI to be
considered. In the .2T magnet, the RF will be at about 8 MHz, and may be
more of a problem than the constant magnetic field form the magnet. An
older, but excellent reference on shielding for this sort of
interference is Ralph Morrison's book _Shields and Grounds in
Instrumentation_ (approximate title, but it starts with Shields and
Grounds. This was written sometime in the '60s and reflects his
experience in design and production of amplifiers and power supplies for
rocket test stands, where 10 mv signals must be measured in the presence
of hundreds of volts of common mode interference. Bob

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