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unknown user
11-05-1998, 07:42 AM
Here is the response Mr Broker was referring to. I didnt omit in in purpose,
just missed it....

As a biomechanist with my Master's degreee in Exercise Science and
Biomechanics, I can relate to what you are experiencing during your
job search. I've been there twice now.
My advice to you, and hopefully this will answer your question about
the USOC as well, is that you have a take the job that you will enjoy
doing and learn from. The money and benefits will come later.
I am guessing that you went through school continuously and are now
looking for a job for the first time. Coming out with a Master's
degree sounds impressive but there are thousands just like you and in
order to get the job you want , you have to do something(s) that set
you apart from the rest.
That's where working for the USOC comes in. Since I am currently a
Research Assistant for the USOC, I can honestly say, that I didn't
even have to consider the pay, that is less than I could have been
making somewhere else, because it is a job that I love and am
passionate about. And I am confident that my fellow RA's will say the
same. The USOC doesn't need to offer much because this is a very
competitive position to attain.
I hope that I've helped answer your question, although I haven't
solved your problem.

By the way, your facts are not accurate. The salary is slightly (and I
mean slightly) more than $16,000 and there are benefits.

Good luck in the future.

Kristen Jadelis, M.S.

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