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Jeff Broker
11-06-1998, 12:03 AM
Concerning the USOC Biomechanics Program Response message, please call off
the attack!

Dr. Gordon Chalmers and I have exchanged personal messages concerning the
USOC Biomechanics Program Response message. Together we have determined
that Jack Sujovolsky apparently cut and pasted relies (to his original
message) together in such a way that Dr. Gordon inadvertently and
mistakenly appeared to be the author of the comments attacking me
personally. Dr. Gordon only asked for a summary of replies. The identity
of the author who leveled the accusations was omitted from the bottom of
his/her message, leaving the two messages in relative continuity - both
appearing from Dr. Gordon. I was only one of many who read the messages
and thought they were both from Dr. Gordon.

I apologize to Dr. Gordon for having to bear misplaced criticism concerning
these comments. Any criticisms concerning these comments should have been
leveled at the unknown author who posted the reply above Dr. Chalmers'

I implore others who post summary of replies in the future to do so
carefully. Postings should be clearly separated and identified. It's a
shame that now at least two of us have been hurt by this exercise. Of
course, no harm would have come to anyone if the replies and dialogue were
fashioned in a courteous and non-personal manner in the first place.

Finally, thank you to those individuals who have responded to these
messages with kind words about the USOC biomechanics program. We
appreciate your support very much.



Jeffrey P. Broker, Ph.D.
Sport Biomechanist, USOC

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