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Jay M. Trennoche
11-06-1998, 05:16 AM
Interesting. There is a lot of need in the area of biomechanics as it
relates to the neuro-spine...though I know of no job opportunities.

This area needs cultivation.


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From: Bryan Kirking
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Subject: Re: USOC Biomechanics Program - A Response

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>From: Dave Grimshire [SMTP:dgrimshi@is.dal.ca]
> I subscribe to this list server for professional information. Could we
>please drop this thread.
>> I read the gist of Sujovolsky's comments as dealing with the sparse
>> employment for students with
>> graduate degrees in biomechanics; not as a shot at USOC.
>I consider information regarding biomechanics oriented job opportunities,
>job pay, and educational opportunities very relevant professional
>information. Not everyone on the list is in a steady job, and requests for
>information about working conditions/benefits, etc are important for these
>people who have spent a lot of time and money and are trying to find the
>best place to apply their skills.
>Bill Vannah has brought up a good concern regarding informing those
>interested in biomechanical related careers that a graduate biomechanics
>degree does not necessarily equal a great paying job, and that the job pool
>is made up strongly of research type jobs that traditionally pay less than
>industrial/commercial positions. How many graduate students do you think
>are trying to get a master's so that they can get a job making $16-$19 K
>per year? I didn't.
>If someone feels they or their organization has been misrepresented, then I
>also think its important for them to provide information to the contrary.
> And would say that they system seems to be working. A request was made
>for information, it was provided, mistakes were pointed out, apologies were
>made, and the flame marks will fade with time....
>Bryan Kirking
>Research Engineer
>Department of Orthopedic Surgery
>Baylor College of Medicine
>Houston, Texas
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