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unknown user
11-10-1998, 12:25 PM
This discussion has been very interesting to watch.

I am a physical therapist and I do perform mobilizations, however I am not
currently skilled in high-velocity mobilizations/manipulations. (The U.S. is
the only country to differentiate between mobilization and
manipulation--something the Physical Therapist profession did when the AMA had
a committee on Quackery and Chiropractic was not a widely accepted practice,
so that PT would not come under fire for being "quackery.")

I frequently see patients who have been treated by chiropractors with limited
results. I am able to identify spinal malalignments and dysfunction and
realign it with mobilization techniques.

Our clinic has been highly successful at having patients maintain the
corrected alignment with exercises. Sometimes I don't even have to mobilize,
I am able to correct malalignments such as vertebral rotation with exercises
alone. In my experience, regular manipulation/mobilization is not necessary
when combined with exercises specifically designed to give the patient
mobility and control over the affected areas.

Unfortunately, I do not have any scientific literature at hand to reference,
but I can tell you it works.

Melanie Weller MPT, ATC

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