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Earl F. Hoerner, M.d.
11-11-1998, 12:51 AM
Dear Biomch-L,
I have been retained to evaluate movement analysis software by a large
provider of physical medicine services. The equipment will be used for
various applications including functional capacity evaluations,
rehabilitation, sports analysis and independent medical evaluations.
The proposed budget for the project was $100,000. I have anticipated
purchase of a full movement analysis system with 2 high speed cameras,
analog capability, 2 force plates, EMG, etc. Upon performing my
initial "due diligence," research, I started to wonder if I grossly
underestimated my proposed budget. I eventually reviewed a paper
presented at the recent 3D conference of Human Movement. One of the
systems reviewed is called APAS. The vendor provides a trial download
over the internet. The web site for download is

My colleagues and I have been using the APAS software for approximately
two weeks. We have performed studies for gait, running, jumping. We
are able to interface a force plate and collect EMG. I was pleasantly
surprised at the relative ease of learning and operating this system.
It allows direct hard disk capture with any video source, including live
camera and 8 mm, without a dedicated VCR, through an inexpensive video
frame grabbing board. You can trim and synchronize your video on the
computer. There are multiple reporting formats, utilizing forms and
graphs. You can export the data to programs such as MathLab, Excel,

It appears that the full purchase price of this system is only $5,000,
utilizing my computer, cameras, and peripheral equipment. This is a
fraction of the cost of other vendors. My question to the LIST is
"what am I missing?" This sounds too good to be true. I would
appreciate feedback from anyone familiar with APAS or any information
that will be helpful, before I commit to a system. Does anyone know of
other manufacturers that provide similar trial software downloads?

I am looking forward to your replies. I will forward a synopsis of
replies to the LIST.

Earl F. Hoerner, M.D.
Biomotion, Inc.

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