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Casey Pruett
11-12-1998, 05:26 AM
Human Factors/Ergonomics Position Announcement

Job Description: Sales and Customer/Technical Support for Human Modeling

TECMATH of North America is the U.S. subsidiary of TECMATH GmbH & Co. KG,
based in Kaiserslautern, Germany. TECMATH is a firm of 70 full-time
employees, with departments in Human Modeling and Digital Media. The Human
Modeling department is currently represented in the U.S. by TECMATH N.A.,
with locations in Troy, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon.

The Human Modeling Department of TECMATH has developed RAMSIS, a cutting
edge 3-D ergonomic tool originally funded by the German Automotive Industry
and designed for vehicle packaging and general ergonomics. Our customers
include major auto and car seat manufacturers worldwide. TECMATH also sells
a newly developed 3-D laser scanner and Contour measurement systems for
taking precise, 3-D measurements of humans and/or objects.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join our small sales and
customer service team in Troy, Michigan. This person will support our
software program, RAMSIS, and other human modeling projects and activities.
He or she will report to TECMATH of North America’s General Manager and
Manager of Human Modeling, but will also coordinate work closely with our
German team of specialists.

Responsibilities: This position requires outside product demonstrations to
new and existing customers (most but not all are in metro Detroit area);
ongoing customer support; attendance at national and possibly international
meetings and expositions

Minimum Qualifications: Masters Degree in human factors, ergonomics, or
related engineering field. (Ph.D. or bachelor’s degree plus related
experience also considered in lieu of Masters.) Excellent communications
skills including top-notch writing and telephone skills; dynamic
presentation/demonstration skills; computer skills with some programming
experience (Fortran, C and C++); hardware/systems/networking experience;
good teamwork; ability to travel; integrity and maturity. Positive attitude

Additional Qualifications: (helpful but not required): knowledge of
automotive industry, especially packaging and/or human factors applications;
knowledge of human modeling programs; knowledge of factory/shop floor
ergonomics and design; German language; marketing; or teaching experience.

Salary: Negotiable, based on qualifications

Send cover letter and resume detailing experience, educational background,
and salary history to:

Dr. Anne Storm, General Manager
TECMATH of North America, Inc.
515 NW Saltzman Road, Suite 721
Portland, OR 97229
Fax: 503-641-2792
e-mail: storm@tecmath.com

TECMATH of North America, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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