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Jay M. Trennoche
11-13-1998, 03:12 AM
To: Melanie Weller, P.T., and biomechs w/ interest in spinal biomechanics.

I find Melanie discussion interesting, on track, and mostly accurate as
viewed from my own over 22 years experience of aligning spines utilizing
mobilizations in the thoracics, adjustments in the lower spine and pelvis,
and precision measured alignment with a floor mounted adjusting instrument
in the upper cervical spine (the Atlas Complex).

Exercise, and I do mean (free) weight training of an hour a day @ 3 days a
week (preceded by, and included, in that hour, stretching exercises), is a
wonderful effective tool in enhancing the tone, stamina, strength, and
endurance of the spinal supportive soft tissues [SSST's] (muscles, tendons,
ligaments, and discs).

Quality SSST free weight work out or exercise may re-align some spinal areas
and enhance the maintenance of those aligned same spinal areas.

However, I think I can accurately say that exercise, or manipulation or
mobilization of any kind would not re-align the Atlas Complex (C0 [C-Zero],
C1, and C2); using the analogy of a tube type old radio, having the tubes
removed from their sockets, and then shaking the radio with maximal finesse
and dexterity would not reset the tubes in the sockets much less the correct

The Atlas Complex of diarthrodial, freely movable, joints requires measured
adjustment procedures and alignment methods above the skills and education
of the manipulators in the Physical Therapy and Chiropractic professions.

The Atlas Complex and its aligned protective role or its mis-aligned
aberrating impact on the brain stem and superior spinal cord begs the
exploration interaction and study of solutions to correct this most
important area of the neuro-spine by as many P.T.'s, chiros, and
Biomechanists that can muster the intellectual curiosity to do so.

Can you be encouraged to enter into the study of this exciting little known
region and make the discoveries and contributions to science and to the
overall health to humans that pales all the studies put together of the
extremities and lower spine?

Thank you,


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