Anthony J. Petrella
11-13-1998, 03:15 AM
At 06:30 PM 11/13/98 +1300, you wrote:
>Hello! I am a research student at the University of Waikato, and I am
>involved in the mathematical modelling (2D & 3D) of biomechanical systems.
>During the course of my work, I encounter various mathematical difficulties
>particularly to do with the solving of Higher Order DEs, Differential
>Algebraic Equations etc. These tools are essential for serious
>biomechanical modellers, as we take the next step forward.
>Does anyone know of a Mathematics server similar to the Biomechanics
>'LISTSERV' via which I am communicating this message to you? It would be
>extremely useful to be able to communicate a diverse range of problems with
>the wider mathematical audience. Please let me know if are aware of such a

You may find something along the lines of what you are seeking here:


The first site is a collection of mailing lists by category, and you can
reach the home page of the mailbase site with the second link. I took a
quick look and found many different mailing lists devoted to math and
computing. You'll have to see which one(s) you think is best. I
personally subscribe to the "feusers" and "engineering-all" lists and find
the readership quite knowledgeable.

Best Regards,

Anthony J. Petrella
University of Pittsburgh

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