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Gail Frost
11-13-1998, 06:29 AM
Dear Colleagues,

One of my students is researching the biomechanical analysis of
elite canoeists. She has done a good job of tracking down articles
of relevance, but we are having trouble locating one particular
paper. The library here has not been able to help, as the paper is
only available in a conference proceedings and is not "officially"
published. I'm hoping that one of you may be able to help us.

The paper was presented at the XIII International Symposium for
Biomechanics in Sport, July 18-22, 1995 in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
The full reference is:

Pelham, T. and L. Holt. Biomechanical analysis of two elite
canoeists. In: T. Bauer (ed), XIII International Symposium for
Biomechanics in Sport Proceedings, Lakehead University, Thunder
Bay, Ontario, Canada., pages 83-87, 1996.

If you could provide us with a copy of the paper, could you get in
touch with me, please?


Gail Frost, PhD
School of Recreation Management and Kinesiology
Acadia University
Wolfville, NS
B0P 1X0 (902) 585 1560

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