View Full Version : BMD and Estimated ultimate compresssion loading.

Jun Ouyang
11-16-1998, 03:38 PM
Dear colleagues,

In 1980, Hansson found a relationship between bone mineral content (BMC)
and the ultimate compression loading in the lumbar vertebrae, which is:
ultimate load(N)=(BMC-1.48)4.79E-4. So we can estimate the ultimate
compression load by the BMC. But the unit of BMC used in the formula is

Now in my lumbar fatigue study I would like to use this relationship,
but I can only get the BMD (whose unit is g/cm2). So if anyone know the
how to estimate the ultimate compression load of lumbar spine by
BMD(g/cm2), please give me the information or the reference.

Thank you very much for your help.

Jun Ouyang MD&PhD
Medical Biomechanics Lab
The First Military Medical University
Guangzhou, 510515

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