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11-16-1998, 06:41 PM
Dear Jun Ouyang,
Dear colleagues,

Jun Ouyang wrote:

> Thank you for all your kindness responses to my question on "how to
> clean the bone marrow?". And I just summary the methods provided to me.
> Thank you again.
> Jun Ouyang

Nice technical tricks I learned from your information interchange!

Because my biomechanical research has its roots in anatomy, I well
understand the wish to gain "nice pictures" of bone trabeculae, free of fat
and all tose other ugly substances. But knowing as well about the composite
character of bone (in terms of mechanics) as about the intensive
cell-cell-interactions (in terms of cytology) between bone and bone marrow,
I wonder what structural information other than the morphological one I
could win from a dead, laundry-cleaned bone?

Hartmut Witte

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