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Keijo Häkkinen
11-22-1998, 07:03 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

November 10-12, 1998, Lahti, Finland

Thank You very much !

The organizers (the Department of Biology of Physical Activity in the
University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and the Finnish Weightlifting
Federation together with the City of Lahti and the International
Weightlifting Federation) of the "International Conference on
Weightlifting and Strength Training" would like to thank all of you
(more than 200 participants from 30 different countries) who
participated in this international event organized for the first
time. In all, about 100 successful scientific presentations (invited
podium and poster presentations) of high quality about various aspects
of strength training and weightlifting were given at the Conference.
We hope that the days you spent at the Conference in Lahti and Finland
will be remembered as pleasant and stimulating.

The Conference Book.

One of the very important productions of the "International
Conference on Weightlifting and Strength Training" is the Conference
Book (ISBN 951-98070-0-4) edited by Keijo Häkkinen. There are 311
pages in the Book written in English. If you want to purchase your
own copy, please visit our home pages for further information:

The Conference Book includes: 1) all the 6-page review papers written
by our invited speakers who have also in this way agreed to share
their latest information of highest international level in their
special fields with us all, 2) all the 4-page papers written by our
invited Weightlifting Symposium speakers from different countries, and
3) all of those 2-page abstracts of original research work (written by
the participants of the Conference) that were finally accepted for
poster presentation and for this Book.

The overall scientific quality of the papers is very high and the
diversity of their topic meets well the purposes of several people
working in various areas of strength training and weightlifting, not
only for athletic purposes but also for conditioning purposes of
people at all ages and for rehabilitation. The information included in
the papers will no doubt be applicable in both research and practice.

On behalf of the Conference Organization,

Keijo Häkkinen
Conference Chair

Dr. Keijo Hakkinen
Department of Biology of Physical Activity
University of Jyvaskyla
P.O. Box 35, 40351 Jyvaskyla
Email: hakkinen@maila.jyu.fi
Telephone: (358) 14-602076
Fax: (358) 14-602071

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