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Leigh F. Bacher
11-23-1998, 06:26 AM
Dear Subscribers,

I am dealing with a technical issue that people must have solved before.
I did check the archives to see if my question has been answered in the
past and I found some clues, but no direct hit.

I need to have a portable system for data acquisition that allows me to use
an analog video camera as the trigger to sample each data point (to provide
sync between each image and each sampled analog signal). This problem is
readily solved in a non-portable system by dubbing a time/date code or
field counter onto the video output from the camera. Another device
modifies the camera's vertical sync pulse to suit the DAQ hardware. So, as
each image is recorded, a data point is sampled from peripheral sources.

The portability is the problem. Has anyone found a camcorder that applies
msec or field count on the image? Or, is it necessary to use VITC readers
to (later) extract the time information? I understand that only some
high-end camcorders apply VITC. Are there other approaches that folks
have used successfully?

Also, can anyone recommend a portable bandpass filter/amplifier?
Coulbourn's new system is quite hefty.
[I will be using an IBM compatible laptop and a National Instruments DAQ card.]

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
---leigh f. bacher

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