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Yoky Matsuoka
11-23-1998, 07:24 AM
We have developed and patented a safe large workspace haptic device.
This machine can allow exploration in natural human movements, and
it is safe to be coupled with elderly or injured people. We find this
machine very useful for human motion analysis, rehabilitation, and sports
training, thus we are thinking of building more machines if people
are interested in using this machine.

It is like Manipulandum or PHANToM that it gives force feedback
according to the motion applied. Our machine has a very
large workspace(1.5 meter radius spherical workspace), 6 degrees of
freedom (three of those are passively actuated), and is software

If you are interested in our machine for your research, please
contact me at yoky@hrl.harvard.edu. Please forward to potentially
interested peers.

Yoky Matsuoka, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow yoky@hrl.harvard.edu
Harvard Biorobotics Laboratory (617) 496-9098
Postdoctoral Associate yoky@ai.mit.edu
MIT Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (617) 253-0771

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