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unknown user
11-24-1998, 06:28 AM
This is a reminder that abstract submissions for the 1999 Pre-ORS
Symposium on Computational Methods in Orthopaedic Biomechanics
are due on December 1, 1998. The meeting is scheduled for January 31,

To submit an abstract, send the following by e-mail to

a title
authors & affiliations
an abstract (maximum length -- 350 words)

Please send PLAIN TEXT embedded within an e-mail (e.g., copy and paste your document
into e-mail). Please DO NOT send an email attachment because we will not be able to read
it. Do not use special characters (such as Greek letters or superscripts) and do not
include figures.

Notification of acceptance will be by the end of December.

Thank you for your interest in this meeting.

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