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11-26-1998, 05:33 AM
Dr. Richard Major, Head of Bioengineering, Regional Medical Physics
Department, Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK,
would like to know if:

1. Anyone is using (or proposing to develop) an instrumented walking
areas using multiple adjacent force platforms?

2. If yes - what are the specifications (number of platforms, size
etc) of the platforms?

3. what are tentative costs?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

PS: I will post a summary of responses if relevant.

Dr. Anand.D.Pandyan
Centre for Rehab. Eng. Studies
M25-Stephenson Bldg
University of Newcastle
Newcastle Upon Tyne
UK - NE1 7RU

Tel ++ 44 (0)191 - 222 5434
Fax ++ 44 (0)191 - 222 8600
e-mail A.D.Pandyan@ncl.ac.uk

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