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Paul Treffner
11-26-1998, 01:41 PM
Dear Biomech'ers,

Jeff Ives:
> A couple of weeks ago I posted a letter inquiring about programs in
> exercise science that have expanded their undergraduate curriculum
> extensively into physics and/or engineering. The underlying goal of
> this expansion is to further the opportunities (jobs or grad school)
> of exercise science students in areas of biomedical engineering,
> ergonomics, or related fields....
> However, the Univ. of Waterloo's (Canada) ergonomics program is one
> exception. See also the Univ. of Queensland.

As I missed this post, and lest the excellent program at University
of Queensland, Australia, gets all the accolades...we here
at GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY, School of Physiotherapy & Exercise
Science (merely 50 kms south of U Queensland) are also making a
concerted effort to train highly skilled and sophisticated exercise
science students for the next millenium. In 1st yr they take
BIOPHYSICS - taught by a lecturer with a PhD in quantum mechanics
(!). In 2nd yr they take BIOINSTRUMENTATION taught by a Biomechanist
and the Bioinstrumentation lecturer. They then take BIOMECHANICS I
and II. In 3rd year they get me for Motor Control where I focus on
nonlinear dynamics, ecological psychology (with its heavy physical
understanding of nature component), and modern research in
self-organisational physics that is applicable to the new breed of
movement and exercise scientists that the world needs. We
obviously feel that our program in Exercise Science is one of the
best available anywhere. Our students can also take special
joint/double degrees of Exercise Science/Information Technology, etc.

I hope this information will be of use to those considering
Physiotherapy/Exercise Science from a physical perspective.
Full info is on our web site.

Very best wishes,
Dr Paul Treffner
School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
Griffith University
Gold Coast, PMB 50, QLD 9726
Tel: +61 7 55 948215 Fax: +61 7 55 948674

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