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11-29-1998, 01:52 PM
Some time ago I made inquiries about studies of the coordination of
children with especial reference to that at the time of the adolescent
spurt in growth.

This is more conspicuous and later in boys than girls.

I am now seeking information about balance at that age and have come
across an account of work in which the subjects stood on a stabilometer.
This is unstable platform the movements of which were recorded.

The graph which is reproduced shows a deterioration during adolescence,
the performance later improving.

The reference is to J. C Bachman. The journal is said to be

The title is

Motor learning and performance as related to age and sex in two measures
of balance coordination

I have been unable to locate a run of the in any
library in Scotland and think the title is almost certainly incorrect.

The account I have read is on page 151 et seq. of a book

Motor Skill Development

by J. Keogh & D. Sugden 1985

Can anyone help to to check the reference or get me other relevant
information ?

Geoffrey Walsh

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