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Jeff Broker
12-01-1998, 01:40 AM

Research Assistant - Sport Biomechanics

United States Olympic Committee

Applications are now being accepted for two 1999/2000 research assistant
positions in Biomechanics. Typically Masters Graduates, Research
Assistants work integrally with permanent staff in the interdisciplinary
Sport Science & Technology programs. Students with expertise in
Biomechanics are sought for a 12-month position (generally beginning in
August). The salary for Research Assistants is $19,600 plus employee
benefits including medical and dental insurance.

Minimum requirements for the Biomechanics RA positions generally include:

* A Master's degree in biomechanics or related field,
* Comprehensive knowledge of the principles of motion analysis,
* Knowledge of and experience with motion and force collection & analysis
* Functional computer skills, including programming,
* Work experience in biomechanics and preferably Olympic sport
* Excellent communication/presentation skills, and
* Ability to work with and relate to people with varying backgrounds and

Applications must be received by February 26, 1999 for the upcoming
appointment period. For further details concerning the USOC Sport Science
and Technology Division, as well as the Biomechanics Research Assistant
Program, visit our Web site at www.olympic-usa.org/sport_science/. If you
have additional questions regarding the RA positions, please contact the
Sport Science & Technology Division at the United States Olympic Committee
at (719) 578-4793.

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Jeffrey P. Broker, Ph.D.
Sport Biomechanist, USOC
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