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Jim Martin
12-03-1998, 04:41 AM
Hello All:

Next semester I will teach a masters level motor control course. The course
will use the Shumway-Cook and Woolacot text and I intend to augment heavily
with journal articles. Of course, I could teach the course the way motor
control was presented to me, but my course work background is from a basic
science orientation whereas the students in this program are more
interested in clinical application.

As I think through how best to present the course, I would like to see how
others have presented similar courses. Can any of you direct me to web
pages or other sources that feature course outlines, syllabi, study
questions etc. for graduate courses in motor control? I would be
particularly interested in hearing from any of you who use the Shumway-Cook
and Woolacot text.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Martin

PS: A search of the list archives turned up a workshop on teaching Motor
Learning and Control held at Texas A&M University, June 19-21, 1998, but
the materials not apparently available on-line. If anyone can share the
workshop materials with me I would greatly appreciate it.

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