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12-03-1998, 02:38 PM
Hello All,

A friend of mind who is a physicist/electronic engineer is designing a
manpack (backpack) radio system (for the army) that talks to a satellite.
The necessary beam width of the antenna about the vertical is rather
narrow, approximately +/- 7.5 degrees about the vertical. What he would
like to know is what research has been done on upper body posture,
particularly the angle of the trunk with respect to the vertical, for
people walking and running.

We are dealing with strong and fit people. A quick look at appendix A,
Table A.3(c), of Winter's book shows that for level walking the swing
of the trunk is approximately +/- 10 deg from the vertical, with flexion
being a little greater than hyperextension. For running and/or rough
terrain the swing should be greater.

Any references, comments or suggestions are welcome,


Kevin Ness
James Cook University,
Townsville, Qld

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