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Macdonald, Darren (whscc)
12-03-1998, 10:41 PM
This is a notice of the

Human Factors Association of Canada (Atlantic)
1999 Student Conference
Halifax, Nova Scotia.
March 27th, 1999

We will be calling for papers early in the new year and I will post our
web site at that time as well. The web site will be located on the HFAC
National Site (www.hfac-ace.ca)

I will be serving as the communications link to the conference - so any
information that you need pass along can go through myself or Leslie
Fountain (lfountai@is2.dal.ca).

Looking forward to hearing from you.....Darren.

D.Darren MacDonald, BScK
Ergonomics Consultant

Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission
of New Brunswick (WHSCC) - Ergonomics Services

macdonad@whscc.nb.ca WEB: www.gov.nb.ca/whscc

**********"All Accidents Are Preventable"***********

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